Common Questions About Roofing

  • Symptoms of a failing roof include missing/curling shingles.
  • Granular loss (your shingles are missing the coarse, sand-like granules) fills the bottom of gutters.
  • Exposed fiberglass on your shingles. This can often appear as a shiny white surface on your roof.
  • Your roof leaks, or you begin to see water spots on your ceiling.
  • Deflection on your roof. This is called deck deflection, and often looks like waves or uneven/sagging surfaces on your roof.
  • Jobin Roofing offers a 50-year manufacturer warranty of its roof replacements, and a 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • The warranty is transferable to a new homeowner within the first 12 years.
  • Download warranty details.

Job times can vary due to a variety of factors, but on average it takes 2-3 days to replace a standard roof, and 3-4 days for larger jobs.

We have partnered up with Twinstar Financing to offer our customers financial assistance to help fund their roofing projects. Our estimators are happy to help with the application process.

We use only the highest quality materials to complete your roofing project and offer a wide selection of shingle options. Upon completing an inspection of your home, we will provide a variety of shingle samples to choose from.

Roof inspections are free. We will complete a thorough inspection and provide you with accurate measurements each and every time.

Yes, we run our roofing season year-round. The most critical component in successfully completing your project is hiring the right contractor no matter what time of year.

Many variables must be considered when determining how to price your roof: how steep it is, how large the area, how many layers it has, and how much damage has occurred, as well as many other variables. When we provide your free inspection, we will be able to take all these factors into consideration, explain our recommendations, and offer you a fair and accurate price.

Roof repair or replacement comes down to the amount of damage which has occurred, as well the age of your roof. Often, it is cheaper in the long run to replace a roof rather than continue making repeated repairs. During our inspection we will offer our professional opinion on the best course of action. As you make this decision we encourage you to factor in the considerable value of your house. For most of us our family home is the bedrock of our financial security.

For most homes it is not recommended to add an additional layer of shingles, for several reasons:

  • Overlays do not last nearly as long as replacing your roof.
  • There is no way to replace any damaged plywood.
  • Shingle overlays may not lay as flat over existing shingles and can look bumpy and uneven.
  • Our roofing inspection will provide you with options for an overlay, if your home qualifies.

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