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Brendan Jobin

The oldest of six Jobin siblings, Brendan was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He has been an entrepreneur from the get go and his earliest business ventures always included his brother, Casey Jobin. Brendan attended Washington State University with the intention of graduating and entering law school. On the heels of the 2008 recession, Brendan rekindled his entrepreneurial spirit. He founded a tutoring business that catered to adult students who desperately needed to retool their job skills. It was during this period that Brendan honed his natural ability to problem-solve, digest technical concepts, and provide exceptional customer care.

The business evolved rapidly as his customers’ requests grew in uniqueness and scope—he went from providing tutoring services to playing a lead role in the development and project management of research studies. A Saudi engineering firm hired Brendan to help develop and execute a research study that comparatively examined accelerated construction and innovative bidding techniques that reduce cost overrun and lengthy delays. While working on this study, Casey Jobin began to see some firsthand problems that are commonplace in the roofing industry. As Casey’s frustration grew, Brendan’s entrepreneurial mindset kicked into gear as he recognized an opportunity to improve roofing practices in Southwest Washington and the Greater Portland, Oregon areas.

Casey Jobin

Casey Jobin started his journey into small business ownership with a goal of serving the customers first. His background is in counseling, and he received a master’s degree from Washington State University, before pursuing a career in project management and construction sales. These experiences have helped drive a customer focused approach based on listening to the needs of customers and offering effective solutions.

When he’s not managing projects or measuring roofs, he enjoys hiking, survival camping, travelling and joking with friends. Casey loves a challenge and naturally gravitates towards physically and mentally challenging activities

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Welcome to the heart of Jobin Roofing! Meet the fantastic folks who make up our roofing family. From experienced roofers to our friendly customer service team, each person plays a key role in bringing you top-notch service and craftsmanship. Get to know the smiling faces behind the scenes—welcome to the Jobin Roofing community!






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Our Promise

These values constitute our promise to serve as personal advocates for your roofing needs.

Customer Care

As roofing experts we are your advocates. We understand that every roofing system incorporates details that determine a roof’s beauty, its function and its lifetime. We are committed to protecting your property from start to finish. Your landscaping, gardens, outdoor furnishings, and property access will be treated with meticulous care. Upon completion of our work, we always take pride in the cleanup process. Combing the grounds looking for that last stray staple or nail, we put ourselves in your place—the job is only complete when we would feel comfortable walking barefoot on your grass or pavement. Customer care also provides you with direct access to an owner of Jobin Roofing. We will respond quickly because your call matters to us.

Professional Integrity

We will do what’s right even when it’s not easy or convenient. We welcome your questions and appreciate the opportunity to clarify and answer your every concern. Our commitment to telling the truth means that difficult conversations are few and far between. But should they ever occur, we will provide the timely, accurate information you need and deserve.

Community Service

We are proud of the work and reputation of Jobin Roofing. We take satisfaction in acknowledging individuals who serve us all—first responders, teachers, active and retired military. Besides offering discounts to qualified clients, our team members frequently volunteer with local non-profit services. We sponsor and escort active military and veterans on fishing trips, all expenses paid. But these values are more than financial attributes to Jobin Roofing. They are both expressions of who we are…and sincere demonstrations of gratitude for this community, our clients and our families.

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